Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review - DAMAGED



This was a fun read. A bit slow at first, but it picks up steam quick.

It starts with Tara being bullied in Kindergarten and the only solace she finds is with Darren Jones. who becomes her best friend very quickly.

As they grow, it's painfully obvious that Darren is in love with Tara, but Tara doesn't see it and leaves town, shutting Darren out, along with everyone else that cared for her.

Fast forward a few years and Tara is now on her own, living with a room mate and dating Lawrence, a doctor. This is about the time she realizes Darren is now a famous author. As time goes on, She receives a phone call, telling her that her parents have died in a car accident and she needs to tie up their loose ends. She tells Lawrence she will deal with it herself and leaves for her hometown.

As she is dealing with her parents' arrangements, Darren is helping her with anything she wants or needs. They end up sleeping together and then Tara finds herself in a love triangle with her childhood best friend and the boyfriend from her new life.

However, the decision is made much easier when a secret Lawrence has been hiding comes to light. HEA abounds.

I did have some minor annoyances with the book. The author either was aiming to have Tara come off as very stupid or as extremely wishy-washy. All the elements of Darren being in love with Tara were there, and BLINDINGLY obvious, but yet Tara was missing them completely.

Lawrence was ANOTHER annoyance I had. After telling Tara throughout their entire relationship he did not want to get married again, he proposes after Tara returns from her parents' house, where Lawrence caught Darren helping Tara. To me, that just SCREAMED 'Jerk' and selfishness. I was mentally doing the Cabbage Patch when the secret was revealed.

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much and would highly recommend it.

Very enjoyable book, But a bit frustrating at times with the obviousness of emotions.
STARS: 5/5

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