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Book Review -- Nomad kind of Love

Nomad Kind of Love


This is the second book of the Prairie Devils MC Series I've read. This book focuses on The Nomads chapter of the Prairie Devils MC, their hardened President, Aaron 'Maverick' Strum and the girl he rescues from trouble, June Daniels.

The book begins with June and her twin sister Chloe witnessing the murder of their father at the hand of his own MC, The Grizzlies. Instead of wiping out the entire family, The Grizzlies kill the father, inject their mother with drugs and essentially kidnap the two girls.

Fast forward about a year later, and June is forcibly working as a stripper in a Grizzly-owned strip joint. She does whatever the Grizzlies tell her to do, as a way to appease them and hopefully keep from being on the receiving end of one of their beatings, or possibly worse.

One night, she devises a plan for Chloe and herself to escape The Grizzlies, but when June put the plan into action, Chloe draws attention to them by dawdling and looking at a picture of the family. When June tries to get Chloe out of the clubhouse, Chloe has a meltdown, which alerts the members. It results in the members sexually attacking Chloe and June passing out.

Around this time, Throttle, the President of the Prairie Devils (who we met in Book One -- Outlaw Kind of Love) sends Maverick into Grizzly territory to open a chapter there. Upon casing the Grizzly strip club, he takes June as 'collateral' to ensure that the Nomads/Prairie Devils aren't taken out.

After this, it turns into your typical MC story... Hardened biker turns to a softie for a girl and becomes ruthless when he feels what is his is threatened.

Not to say that this is a bad concept. I actually think more men should have this quality. Maybe not to the level that MC members take it, but I digress...

Overall, I liked this book. I'm relatively new to the MC genre of books, so I'm not too sure if Nicole is 'being true' to the MC way of life. But this is fiction, and what's fiction without a little fantasy?

However, once again, I felt her portrayals of Maverick 'claiming' June was rushed and barely touched on. I would LOVE to see Nicole go more in-depth with the 'claiming' process. I can't believe that the only time an 'old lady' is claimed is right before a huge battle.

I like Nicole's writing style and I look forward to reading more work by her.

Nomad Kind of Love can be read as a standalone novel, although you will enjoy it more if you have read the first book in the series, Outlaw Kind of Love. (NOOK and iBooks versions are available by clicking their respective links)

Nomad Kind of Love can be purchased from the following retailers
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If you are a fan of biker romance/MC genre books, you will truly enjoy this book.
STARS: 5/5

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