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Drawn 2 -- LIVE NOW

So, apparently, I can't have two posts scheduled for the same time... I am NOT a morning person, so I scheduled two posts to go live at 9:30 am Friday morning. 'Owning Violet' went live... this one did not.

But yes, Drawn 2 is LIVE... #whowillyouchoose?

Drawn - (FREE)
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Cover Reveal - Owning Violet

I am so excited to share Monica Murphy's cover for her upcoming sexy contemporary romance, OWNING VIOLET, coming from Random House Bantam. Check out how gorgeous it is!

Owning VioletTHICKER#413D29


The Fowler sisters are New York City’s darlings, heiresses to the Fleur Cosmetics Empire. Quickly put up on a fame hungry pedestal only for the media to lie in wait, eager to tear them down, these three very different young women soon find love in the most unexpected places…

OWNING VIOLET coming December 2.

Violet Fowler is the good sister. She works hard at her family’s cosmetics company, is faithful to her boyfriend and never causes any trouble. Until Zachary disappoints her yet again with a promotion that will take him to London—and away from her. His leaving sets a new fire within her. What’s the point in being so good when no one else ever is?

Someone within Fleur Cosmetics wants that London promotion and will do anything to get it, including throwing temptation in the path of the not-so-faithful Zachary. Ryder McKay came from nothing and has fought every step of the way to his position at Fleur. And now the mysterious charmer has set his sights on Violet. If it worked for Zachary, it could work for him.

Seducing the good Fowler sister is easy. What Ryder doesn’t count on is how much Violet makes him feel. What started out as revenge soon becomes something deeper. Can Ryder go through with his plans to deceive Violet? Or is he only deceiving himself?

Other books in series:
STEALING ROSE coming spring 2015
TAMING LILY coming summer 2015
(tentative release dates)


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.

Author Goodreads:
Amazon author page:

Weekly teaser - Finger Bang

Yep, It's that time of the week again...

and Jade is still hosting her GIGANTIC FINGER BANG Giveaway, and it is her biggest personal giveaway to date. It will close in one week.

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Cover Reveal - ALEX: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel

ALEX: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel
by Sawyer Bennett

Loveswept (Random House) is thrilled to debut the cover of ALEX: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel by USA Today bestselling author Sawyer Bennett! ALEX is the first in a sexy and exciting new series that’s hot enough to melt the ice…

ALEX (A Cold Fury Hockey Novel)
Loveswept Contemporary Romance
Written by Sawyer Bennett
On sale: October 14, 2014

About ALEX:
Hockey star Alexander Crossman has a reputation as a cold-hearted player on and off the rink. Pushed into the sport by an alcoholic father, Alex isn’t afraid to give fans the proverbial middle finger, relishing his role as the MVP they love to hate. Management, however, isn’t so amused. Now Alex has a choice: fix his public image through community service or ride the bench. But Alex refuses to be molded into the Carolina Cold Fury poster boy… not even by a tempting redhead with killer curves.

As a social worker, Sutton Price is accustomed to difficult people—like Alex, who’s been assigned to help her create a drug-abuse awareness program for at-risk youth as part of the team’s effort to clean up his image. What she doesn’t expect is the arrogant smirk from his perfect lips to stir her most heated fantasies. But Sutton isn’t one to cross professional boundaries—and besides, Alex doesn’t do relationships… or does he? The more she sees behind Alex’s bad-boy fa├žade, the more Sutton craves the man she uncovers.

Get your copy of ALEX (A Cold Fury Hockey Novel)
Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo | Other retailers

Can I just say this cover is HAWT?!? I would NOT mind waking up and rolling over to a body like THAT next to me!!! I'm just disappointed with one thing... The model has pants on. *sheepish grin*

About Sawyer Bennett
USA Today bestselling author Sawyer Bennett is a snarky Southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company which lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

Connect with Sawyer
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Street Team

Connect with Loveswept
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Book Review - Write or Wrong

Write or Wrong


It's hard dating your sister's best friend when she doesn't know, especially when there's a twelve-year age difference. Kim Naramore has been in love with Dominick Parker for as long as she can remember, and it felt like her dreams had finally come true when they started dating. But with his career as a billionaire novelist and her having to keep their relationship a secret, it seems like there's always trouble in paradise.

How do you maintain a relationship when the world seems dead set on tearing you apart? Forbidden love and desire make their relationship tumultuous, but will they be able to weather the final storm when a threat becomes more physical than emotional?

After QUICKLY reading Wrong or Write #1, I dove head first into this book...

And got annoyed VERY quickly.

The story is good, it flows nicely and there weren't any plot hiccups.

However, I've never seen a relationship have THAT many problems, even WITH an age gap like Kim and Dominick have.

My parents were 25 years apart, double what the age difference Kim and Dominick had and while they did have fights, they didn't have the problems the author portrayed in this book.

Everyone knows a female matures faster than a male... not being sexist/feminist, it's scientific fact. So, for the author to repeatedly bring up the fact of Kim being with someone her own age was a total turn-off for me.

Dominick was a total pompous ass at times. If you love someone, why oh WHY would you keep claiming to love them, but push them away every chance you get? He was CONSTANTLY telling Kim he loved her, but yet trying to push her onto Tammy whenever things got slightly hairy. Sending mixed signals much?

Tammy equally annoyed me as well. Her treatment of Kim just irked me to the point I internally groaned every time the plot shifted to something involving her. When it was FINALLY revealed that Kim and Dominick were together and engaged, Tammy came off as the jilted, scorned woman when SHE did the jilting and/or scorning. Her behavior was almost to the point of jealousy. I understand she didn't want Kim to be hurt, but I think there were other ways to go about this. If anything, SHE was the one continually hurting Kim.

This is the 5th book I've read from this author, and again the female protagonist is portrayed as being wishy-washy. Kim's dilemma of telling Tammy about being in a relationship with Dominick was overdone. She had PLENTY of opportunities to tell her sister, and she wimped out on every single one of them until there was no other choice. To me, Kim was still immature in that fact.

I'm actually on the fence as to whether I will continue reading this series and/or author.

Write or Wrong is available from these retailers
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
All Romance eCafe:

As I said, the plot was planned well and flowed smoothly... it's just the plot itself I had issues with. 
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Only if you've invested time into the Wrong or Write series.

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Finger Bang Weekly Teaser

Finger Bang Weekly Teaser

Here is this week's weekly teaser for Finger Bang by Jade C. Jamison.

And Jade has put together a HUGE Rafflecopter giveaway for you guys...

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NEW RELEASE -- Welcome to Paradise Box set

 S.L. Scott's new box set and novella Happy Ending is now LIVE!!

I thought I was strong… But I wasn’t when it came to Evan Ashford.
The rich, cocky playboy I met within minutes of landing in Hawaii didn’t give me arrogance. He gave me his heart and his hard truths. In return, I gave him everything, including my trust. The man made me weak in the knees, but I soon learned the bad boy surfer had a reputation that preceded him and an image to uphold.
The sexual chemistry was unquestionable, our emotions irrational, but our love was undeniable. Together our pasts didn’t matter. Our different backgrounds were irrelevant. He made me feel his life wasn’t worth living without me in it. He took my breath away and saved each one of them, owning me wholly.
Evan became my life, but with all the obstacles that stood in our way, could he become my future?

Life was perfect. Paradise was found in the arms of a redeemed bad boy. Evan Ashford’s cocky side didn’t stand a chance against true love. He pursued me with an unbridled determination, a passion that couldn’t be denied, winning me over. Our lives are now set… or should have been. But nothing stays perfect forever and happiness comes with a price.
We’ve paid that price.
Sometimes we may not get the answers we seek, but we’ve learned to cherish the gifts we’ve been given. It doesn’t matter what life throws at us or takes away, we’ve found love and we will fight for what matters most—family.

He turns and looks at me. "The pavement is hot. I'll carry you the rest of the way. Hop on."
Being stubborn, I touch my foot to the pavement to test it.
"I'm parked six rows over. You can walk if you want." He shrugs, but looks confident.
He starts walking, but the ground is too hot and I don't want to scorch my feet. I huff, putting my hands on my hips. "Fine. I'll take the ride."
And there is that self-satisfied smile. If I wasn't anxious to get out of here myself, I'd protest just to spite him. But I want to get home, so I swallow my pride.
He comes back and bends over and I hop onto his back wrapping my legs around his body and my arms loosely around his neck. My cold, wet, bathing suit is in my hand, dripping down his bare chest, and I find a tidbit of pleasure in that annoyance. He's getting me back five times over with the friction of his body against my nether region as he moves though. All that separates us is the soft cotton of the briefs I'm wearing.
He makes me want him! It's hard to give up the best sex of your life over stupid stuff like principles and pride.
We reach the car and he grabs me from the side, spinning me to his front and pinning me against the vehicle with his body.
"Whoa! What are you doing?" My feet don't reach the ground and he's holding me by my ass and enjoying himself at that.
"I told you our conversation wasn't over."
"Do we have to finish it with your cock pressed against me while your hands fondle my ass though?" I ask, sneering.
He laughs then leans his head against my forehead. "You're right. We shouldn't be talking." His lips graze mine and my body relaxes under his grip. Sensing the tension dissipating from my body, he kisses me. I hold out for exactly point two seconds before I kiss him back. 

Welcome To Paradise is available for $3.99 on Amazon
Happy Endings is also available on Amazon for $0.99

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COVER REVEAL - Finger Bang

Finger Bang

This is the cover for Jade C. Jamison's new book, Finger Bang.

Orgasmic Meditation? Therapeutic?! Kaylee Baker is horrified when her girlfriends suggest a trip to artsy Boulder, Colorado, to check out the latest craze. What her friends don’t know about Kaylee is that she is a little repressed, bordering on frigid, and the idea of a complete stranger bringing her to orgasm—therapeutic or not—is horrifying.

Blaze Donahue has admired Kaylee from afar for quite some time, and part of the reason he’s kept his distance is because he’s had no indication that she might even be interested. But when he’s given the opportunity to offer her his own version of OM with no strings attached, he makes an offer she has a hard time refusing.

When there are undeniable sparks between the two, Kaylee runs, afraid of the overwhelming feelings she has for this gorgeous, sensitive guy. Blaze feels compelled to convince her otherwise but wonders if he’ll be able to crack through the ice surrounding this sweet girl. Can they find true love or will it just be a one-time O?

Blaze said, “Ladies, I don’t think this gang bang thing is for everyone. Can you blame the poor girl?”
Oh. Girl? He thought of her as a girl? Well, there went those fantasies out the window. Still, Kaylee took a deep breath and gathered up as much dignity as she could and said, “Definitely not for me.” She found her tongue. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get naked in front of a stranger, and I definitely don’t want to have one touching me…especially that way.”
Rachel leaned over the table and tipped her glass at Kaylee as though it were a pointer. “I’ll loosen you up before you graduate if it’s the last thing I do.” She sat back up and what little sobriety she had seemed to possess just seconds ago had disappeared. “In the meantime, Maddy, Shannon? Come with me to the bar to fetch more drinks and we can iron out the details without making our prudish friend blush.”
Well, too late. As the three women slid out of the booth, Kaylee felt just that—a mad red flush racing up her face, stinging her cheeks. She hoped it wasn’t evident in the bar or maybe she could blame it on drinking, but Rachel had, with her few words, made Kaylee not only feel prude but embarrassed. And in front of all people…
Once the women were up, though, Blaze showed no inkling of having registered his sister’s last words. Kaylee began to feel awkward then. What the hell would she say to this super hot guy and after a conversation like that? She had decided to ask him how classes were going when he said, “I can’t blame you really. I don’t think I could do that either.” He grinned. “Even though I find the idea exciting.” Kaylee felt her cheeks redden again, but she smiled before looking down at her glass once more. “Not gonna pay for it, though. Fuck that.”
Kaylee picked up her glass and sipped what little was left in it, simply to have something to do. She didn’t know what to say so she nodded her head and smiled. She’d always found Blaze’s looks and charm intimidating, so she was feeling more than a little tongue-tied. She didn’t want him to think she was a snooty bitch, though, so she said, “I agree.”
He rested his chin on his arms on the chair and said, “What’s the part that has you freaking out more? The fact that it would be a stranger or that you’d be paying for it?”
His question helped her relax a little. It felt like he was taking a practical approach and wanted to discuss the matter as two adults. They weren’t actually talking about orgasms or…fingers and clits, for God’s sake. So she took a deep breath and gave the matter a little thought. It didn’t take long for her to say, “I think it’s that it’s a stranger.” She didn’t know why she felt compelled to continue—especially with Blaze—but she did. “Seriously. It’s hard enough to relax and then you have someone you’ve never met before trying to make you feel good. I can’t imagine.” She smiled and rolled her eyes, hoping she appeared relaxed now, because she was far from it.
Blaze didn’t intend to help the matter at all. “What if it was you and me?”
Had she heard him right? And why the hell was her heart thudding in her chest? She had a hard time sucking in a breath, but when she was able to, she asked, “What do you mean?” Her voice was so low, she was surprised he could hear it.
“If I was the therapist.” He sat up and used the index and middle fingers of both his hands to air quote his last word. “You know…Maddy, Shannon, and my sister go to Boulder to have some stranger finger bang them, but what if someone you knew took care of you here?”
Her jaw didn’t drop to the table but she had lost all words. She just wished she could figure out if Blaze was yanking her chain or giving her the offer of a lifetime.

Finger Bang is set to be released on June 27, 2014.

Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado, moved from one city/town to the next, and she’s decided she likes it so much she wants to stay…although travel is not out of the question. She lives in a big town in Colorado (not unlike Winchester!) with her husband and four children. She is working on becoming a crazy cat lady. Okay, so maybe not.

Still want more? Jade has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Theater, a master’s degree in English, and a master of fine arts in Creative Writing. Obviously, she loves school and the student loan folks love her. She works in human services by day, teaches English and creative writing at night, and—in between playing soccer mom and community leader—writes like a fiend. Someday soon, she’ll narrow it down to just writing, but let’s get all those kids off to college first.


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Book Review -- Careless


After being forced out of his company, Nelson returns home a billionaire with a hole in his life. When he meets Kimberly and Samuel, he decides he’ll have them both.

But Kimberly and Samuel aren’t a couple, and Samuel’s the one holding things up. He hasn’t dated a woman in five years, and even though it’s plain he loves Kimberly, he agrees to Nelson’s threesome on the condition that it be only one night.

Kimberly would marry Samuel in an instant if he asked. He’s just not interested. But a single night to satisfy her curiosity is better than never knowing Samuel’s kiss.

There’s no way for Nelson, Samuel and Kimberly to all get what they want, and one careless moment of weakness carries the power to destroy everything.

This tale contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. Includes multiple partner interactions, sexual dominance and submission, male/male and m/m/f scenes. For adults only.

Where do I even begin with this book?

Samuel and Kimberly are BFFs, secretly in love with each other. Samuel doesn't think Kimberly looks at him as anything more than a friend, and Kimberly thinks Samuel claims to be bisexual, just to keep from coming out of the closet and he considers her the quintessential 'fag-hag.'

So, when Samuel takes a liking to the guest yoga instructor, Nelson, Kimberly feels jaded. Little does either know Nelson wants them both!!

I was indifferent to this book, to be honest. The sex scenes were HOT, on the border of SCORCHING, but they couldn't save the rest of the book from falling flat.

The end of the book was the worst part. Kimberly made it all too obvious that she wanted to be with Samuel, but Samuel walked away from it. How... or better yet, WHY? Why on earth would you walk away from someone who made it plain to be seen they wanted you, especially when you feel the same way???

Careless is available on, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, All Romance eBooks & Smashwords.

If you're into M/F/M threesomes or M/M erotica, the sex scenes are epic and worth reading. Otherwise, it just falls flat.
STARS: 3/5

COVER REVEAL - Red Hot Obsessions

COVER REVEAL - Red Hot Obsessions

This is the cover of the NEW box set, Red Hot Obsessions, due out JUNE 16,2014.

Enter to win a copy!

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PREVIEW - Deeper

Preview - Deeper by Robin York

In Robin York’s sizzling debut, a college student is attacked online and must restore her name—and stay clear of a guy who’s wrong for her, but feels so right.

When Caroline Piasecki’s ex-boyfriend posts their sex pictures on the Internet, it destroys her reputation as a nice college girl. Suddenly her once-promising future doesn’t look so bright. Caroline tries to make the pictures disappear, hoping time will bury her shame. Then a guy she barely knows rises to her defense and punches her ex to the ground.

West Leavitt is the last person Caroline needs in her life. Everyone knows he’s shady. Still, Caroline is drawn to his confidence and swagger—even after promising her dad she’ll keep her distance. On late, sleepless nights, Caroline starts wandering into the bakery where West works.

They hang out, they talk, they listen. Though Caroline and West tell each other they’re “just friends,” their feelings intensify until it becomes impossible to pretend. The more complicated her relationship with West gets, the harder Caroline has to struggle to discover what she wants for herself—and the easier it becomes to find the courage she needs to fight back against the people who would judge her.

When all seems lost, sometimes the only place to go is deeper.

Deeper is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play or as an ePUB.

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COVER REVEAL -- After This Night

I'm so excited to be doing my first COVER REVEAL!!!

Let's not waste time, shall we? This is the cover for After This Night by Lauren Blakely...


This is the conclusion of Julia and Clay's story that began in the New York Times Bestseller Night After Night.

"Why do you like me tied up sometimes?"
"Because the way I feel for you is so out of control that this is one way for me to feel in control again."

Their world was passion, pleasure and secrets.

Far too many secrets. But Clay Nichols can't get Julia Bell out of his mind. He's so drawn to her, and to the nights they shared, that he can't focus on work or business. Only her. And she's pissing him off with her hot and cold act. She has her reasons though-she's trying to stay one step ahead of the trouble that's been chasing her for months now, thanks to the criminal world her ex dragged her into. If only she can get out of this mess, then maybe she can invite the man who ignites her back in her life, so she can have him-heart, mind and body.

He won't take less than all of her, and the full truth too. When he runs into her again at her sister's wedding, they have a second chance but she'll have to let him all the way in. And they'll learn just how much more there is to the intense sexual chemistry they share, and whether love can carry them well past the danger of her past and into a new future, after this night...

Please note: This book is intended for 18+ due to dirty talk, light bondage, and lots of sexy scenes.

Here is an excerpt from the book...

“I wish I were there wearing your clothes right now.”
He laughed. “That’s what you want to be doing? Because I’d like to be fucking you if you were here.”
“Well, that too. But then I’d put on your shirt.”
“You like that, don’t you?”
“I know you do too,” she said.
“I do. Seeing you in my shirt and your heels is my kryptonite.”
“Oh, is that it? That’s your kryptonite?”
“Or maybe it’s just that you are,” he whispered, admitting more than he wanted to.
“I think the same could be said here.”
There was a pause, and though they were three thousand miles apart, the silence was heady. He was in a drugged-out state tonight. This woman was his pill, and closeness with her was what he craved most even as he feared she would destroy his heart. Smash it to a million tiny pieces and eat it for lunch. But he had a built-in barrier in distance, and with no trips to San Francisco on his immediate calendar he saw nothing wrong with this temporary moment of relief from the pressure inside of him from wanting her. They couldn’t be together in any meaningful way, and he couldn’t get hurt if he didn’t actually see her. Right? Right, he answered for himself.
“What are we doing, Julia?” he asked, and he was sure she could hear the longing in his tone, but he didn’t care. There was no need to hide it after they’d just broken down and pleasured themselves together.
“I wish I knew,” she said, her voice wistful and full of yearning. “I really wish I knew.”
He heaved a sigh, trying to sort out his thoughts, but his brain was a mixed-up mess and he didn’t know how to untangle all the threads. Or if he wanted to remain tangled up with her instead.
“What are you going to do when we hang up?” he asked, changing direction.
“Read a book.”
“What are you reading these days?”
“A crazy story about a guy who treks across Antarctica.”
“That does sound crazy.”
“Yeah. He’s kind of hallucinating and talking to penguins right now,” she said with a small laugh.
“Can you blame him? I have to imagine if you’re stuck in the polar ice cap that talking to penguins might be a rare source of comfort.”
“As long as he doesn’t eat the penguins I’ll keep reading it.”
“Here’s to no penguin meals in the books we read.”
“What will you do?”
“I suspect I will fall fast asleep and dream of a beautiful redhead on the other side of the country.”
“She would like that dream very much,” she said in a sweet voice, the kind that worked its way beneath all the hard edges in him, and settled deep in his heart. “Will I talk to you again soon?”
He took a fueling breath, and put his armor back on, steeling himself. “I don’t know the answer to that.”

Amazon US
Barnes & Noble

And don’t miss the prequel novella, FIRST NIGHT, and the first full-length novel, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, in the Seductive Nights Series!
Amazon ** iBooks ** Barnes and Noble

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Lauren Blakely:
Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He’s Mine, Playing With Her Heart, and Trophy Husband. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

Lauren Blakely Goodreads:

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Book Review - Rock it by Jennifer Chance

Rock It


ROCK IT is the first book in Jennifer Chance's new series, Rule Breakers.

Lacey Dawes is a total pro at the talent agency where she works, and it doesn’t hurt that IMO Worldwide Media represents Dante Falcone. The rock god has starred in her fantasies since she was sixteen—and remains her secret crush to this day. So when Dante picks her to be the interim manager on his Dream It tour, Lacey can’t believe her luck. Handling Dante is sure to be the most exquisite, spine-tingling, nerve-wracking mix of business and pleasure ever.

Although Dante is grateful for the adoring fans who scream for one more of his full-throttle, soul-searing songs, being surrounded by a cadre of corporate types backstage is wearing thin. Then Lacey shows up. Yeah, she’s organized, smart, quick to get him what he wants before he knows he wants it—but Dante senses there’s something else going on with sweet, sexy Lacey. One kiss tells him what that “something” might be . . . and makes him hungry for more.

I really enjoyed this book, although at times, I just wanted to slap the hell out of Brenda, Lacey's boss. Brenda... well, she just came off as a cougar and NOT in a good way. She seemed to be trying TOO hard for Dante's attention, even when he made it PAINFULLY obvious he didn't want anything more than a business relationship with her. When Brenda showed up on the tour and all but took over Lacey's job for that night, you could just tell Dante was biting his tongue to tell Brenda to fuck off.

I also got angry at Brenda and Jim going through Lacey's personal belongings and using her teenage scrapbooks in a sense against her in the YouTube series following the tour.

Although, I did have to giggle at Brenda getting her comeuppance when Jim promoted Lacey.

While the book was fantastic, it was predictable to a point. You knew once Dante chose Lacey to be his manager for the tour, they would somehow end up together, at least sexually. Not saying that it's a bad thing... but it was obvious this is how the plot was going.

The sex scenes were hot, But Lacey really ticked me off by just walking out on Dante after screwing his brains out. It was plain to be seen Dante wanted more than just sex with her and for her to walk out on that infuriated me to no end.

Rock It is a stand-alone title, and will have no bearing on the second title in the series, Fake It (due 07.01.2014).

Rock It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.

Very fun read. I fell in love with most of the characters quickly and the story was well-written.
STARS: 4/5

Book Review - Using The Virgin

Using The Virgin

Not impressed with this book...if you can call it that.

Terri is in her early twenties and still a virgin, so her friends get together and take her out for her birthday with the intention of finding her a man to 'help her with her virginity problem.'

Instead of her first time being sweet and romantic (or at the very least, agreeable), she ends up strapped to an exam table and her problem forcibly taken care of, not once, but twice.

This seemed more like a short story packaged as a book. I'm usually all for books about BDSM, but this wasn't BDSM at all... it was a glorified rape. Where were her friends that she went out with the night before? What friends let a strange man take their friend to God-Knows-Where to do God-knows-what?

The author completely GLAZED over these facts. I understand the plot of the 'book' involved Terri losing her virginity, but to write it as a rape turned me off completely. I would have been fighting the entire time, whether I wanted to lose my virginity or not.

I'm glad this was a free book, because I would have been extremely upset if I paid for that.

If you're into rape scenarios, then this is a great book. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.
STARS: 1/5