Friday, May 9, 2014

Book Review - Using The Virgin

Using The Virgin

Not impressed with this book...if you can call it that.

Terri is in her early twenties and still a virgin, so her friends get together and take her out for her birthday with the intention of finding her a man to 'help her with her virginity problem.'

Instead of her first time being sweet and romantic (or at the very least, agreeable), she ends up strapped to an exam table and her problem forcibly taken care of, not once, but twice.

This seemed more like a short story packaged as a book. I'm usually all for books about BDSM, but this wasn't BDSM at all... it was a glorified rape. Where were her friends that she went out with the night before? What friends let a strange man take their friend to God-Knows-Where to do God-knows-what?

The author completely GLAZED over these facts. I understand the plot of the 'book' involved Terri losing her virginity, but to write it as a rape turned me off completely. I would have been fighting the entire time, whether I wanted to lose my virginity or not.

I'm glad this was a free book, because I would have been extremely upset if I paid for that.

If you're into rape scenarios, then this is a great book. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.
STARS: 1/5

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