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Book Review - Write or Wrong

Write or Wrong


It's hard dating your sister's best friend when she doesn't know, especially when there's a twelve-year age difference. Kim Naramore has been in love with Dominick Parker for as long as she can remember, and it felt like her dreams had finally come true when they started dating. But with his career as a billionaire novelist and her having to keep their relationship a secret, it seems like there's always trouble in paradise.

How do you maintain a relationship when the world seems dead set on tearing you apart? Forbidden love and desire make their relationship tumultuous, but will they be able to weather the final storm when a threat becomes more physical than emotional?

After QUICKLY reading Wrong or Write #1, I dove head first into this book...

And got annoyed VERY quickly.

The story is good, it flows nicely and there weren't any plot hiccups.

However, I've never seen a relationship have THAT many problems, even WITH an age gap like Kim and Dominick have.

My parents were 25 years apart, double what the age difference Kim and Dominick had and while they did have fights, they didn't have the problems the author portrayed in this book.

Everyone knows a female matures faster than a male... not being sexist/feminist, it's scientific fact. So, for the author to repeatedly bring up the fact of Kim being with someone her own age was a total turn-off for me.

Dominick was a total pompous ass at times. If you love someone, why oh WHY would you keep claiming to love them, but push them away every chance you get? He was CONSTANTLY telling Kim he loved her, but yet trying to push her onto Tammy whenever things got slightly hairy. Sending mixed signals much?

Tammy equally annoyed me as well. Her treatment of Kim just irked me to the point I internally groaned every time the plot shifted to something involving her. When it was FINALLY revealed that Kim and Dominick were together and engaged, Tammy came off as the jilted, scorned woman when SHE did the jilting and/or scorning. Her behavior was almost to the point of jealousy. I understand she didn't want Kim to be hurt, but I think there were other ways to go about this. If anything, SHE was the one continually hurting Kim.

This is the 5th book I've read from this author, and again the female protagonist is portrayed as being wishy-washy. Kim's dilemma of telling Tammy about being in a relationship with Dominick was overdone. She had PLENTY of opportunities to tell her sister, and she wimped out on every single one of them until there was no other choice. To me, Kim was still immature in that fact.

I'm actually on the fence as to whether I will continue reading this series and/or author.

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As I said, the plot was planned well and flowed smoothly... it's just the plot itself I had issues with. 
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Only if you've invested time into the Wrong or Write series.

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