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REVIEW - Teaching Roman

Teaching Roman


Jessica Stone has her life in perfect order until her perfectly boring boyfriend Brett puts things in perspective. So when she receives a call to action from her heartbroken best friend Cassie, she ditches her plans for Winter Break in gloomy Olympic Falls and sets off to Mexico for some fun in the sun.

Determined to use her oceanview to prep for her MCATS, she doesn't plan to run into anyone from Olympic State, least of all the cute communications prof she's been crushing on for a year. When he unexpectedly saves the day, the two are thrown together in a distinctly extracurricular activity.

Roman Markson doesn’t expect to run into anyone he knows from Olympic Falls while visiting his family in Puerto Vallarta, especially not a former student. Although Jess Stone has a way of catching men’s attention, a relationship with her is strictly off-limits. However, the rules feel less strict in Mexico, so they agree to a plan: one week in paradise and nothing more.

But avoiding each other back on campus is harder than they anticipated, especially when they can’t stay away from one another. Neither is sure what they have to learn—and lose—before life teaches them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Okay, so I'm behind on this one too... *sigh*

I'm not going to lie... I signed up for the ARC of this book on name alone. I wanted to feed my obsession mild infatuation with Roman Reigns and with the hero being named Roman, it'd be an easy stretch.

And I was NOT disappointed.

I have been in Jessica's shoes before... having developed a 'schoolgirl' crush on my choir teacher is high school. I totally understood how Jessica felt when Cassie and Jillian were harassing her about the feelings she had for Roman.

I loved the chemistry between Roman and Jessica. Roman brings out the wild side of Jessica; the brazen and bold girl hidden beneath the 'good girl' study-holic.

The sex was hot, but sweet. Nothing that would threaten to melt my Kindle, but not 'vanilla' either.

Again, my major problem with this book is how banal Jessica was. The only thing she was decisive on is her college major. Screwing Roman then walking away, not once, but twice... not confronting Brett BEFORE leaving for Mexico... As I said in another review, I understand, everyone has self-doubt at one point in their lives, but to keep turning the guy away and running from the relationship just gets tiring when you read it in book after book. It may be the 'In' thing to come off as insecure, but having been raised to be confident in everything I do and not back down from what I want and what I believe in, this characteristic in the book plot just irritates me.

Brett was another annoyance I has with the book. The girl turns DOWN your proposal, flies off to a foreign country, ignores your texts all week, ignores you for THREE months after that, and you accuse her of cheating on you? I'm not sure what Ms. Albin was going for when writing Brett, but if she was going for an idiot, she hit the nail on the head.

I could also relate to Jessica's freakout with the SEC and Brett turning Roman and her in for their relationship. I was called into my HS guidance counselor's office over my crush on a teacher... That was the most NERVE-WRACKING experiences ever. Clearly, this was done out of spite and jealousy on Brett's behalf. That was a dick move and did NOTHING to endear me to his character.

As with some books, the ending felt rushed and unrealistic. Following Roman to Puerto Vallarta when Aba was in the hospital was one thing, but to get married there in the hospital and then for what can be construed as Aba passing away just seemed far-fetched. Also, I've never heard of a hospital texting news of a death. I've always known hospitals to call the family if they are not there when the person passes.

Teaching Roman is the 2nd book in the 'Good Girls' series and from what I have seen, the books can be read as stand-alone novels.

I really like Ms. Albin's work and am looking forward to being able to read more of her work soon.
STARS: 4/5

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