Friday, August 15, 2014

EXCERPT -- Committed



(from Chapter Four)

*Please note that this excerpt contains explicit content.*

She was in way over her head here, and she loved it.
No one had ever made her feel this loss of control, the sense of being completely and utterly helpless. It was thrilling. She laughed, giddy from the spell woven between them.
The dom cupped her breasts, capturing the peaks between his thumb and finger, gently squeezing them.
Poppy gasped and let her head fall back. It felt good.
He released her and stepped back, pulling out the rubber flogger.
“No. No, not that fucking thing.” Poppy pulled against the ropes and wiggled around. The ladder scooted sideways in tiny increments.
“No?” He got up in her face. “You’re telling me no?”
“Yes. Yes I am.” She was not above whining. Oh Lord, she was poking the badger. What would he do? A thrill of adrenaline shot through her.
He grabbed the ladder and pushed.
“Oh shit!” Poppy screamed as she rolled swiftly to the right. She giggled, fabric still attached to the straps fluttering around her like broken wings. She’d always wanted to race around a library on a ladder.
The dom stomped toward her, clearly biting his cheek to keep from laughing. It made him a little more human, a little more appealing, which was dangerous. He grabbed the ladder and jerked her toward him, pivoting so he faced her and digging his other hand into her hair, all in one motion.
She opened her mouth to cry out, tiny pinpricks of pain blossoming along her scalp.
He sealed his lips over hers, pressing against her, forcing her mouth open and kissing her with a ferocity that stole her breath, spoke to her heart. Lust curled like smoke through her body and she pulled against the restraints, wanting to get closer to him.
He pulled away from her suddenly and flicked the rubber flogger at her stomach.
“No,” she wailed, trying to arch her back to get away from the sting it left.
“Just try to move away from me,” he dared her, and began swinging the short flogger like a helicopter blade, around and around, lighting up her skin.
“I’m going to use that thing on you and you’ll see how it feels,” she growled at him.

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