Wednesday, October 8, 2014

REVIEW -- The Gladiator's Touch

The Gladiator's Touch

Cassia is a slave in ancient Rome. When her masters decide that she is to be a gift to Marius, their champion gladiator, she is fearful of the treatment she may have at the hands of the warrior. But instead of roughness she finds exquisite pleasure...

Two stories, that seemed to be more like excerpts of longer stories.

The first 'story,' for which the book is named, features Cassia being presented as a 'prize' for Marius, (which has now put 'A Little Fall of Rain' in my head) the best Gladiator. The sex was lackluster and the plot fell flat. To be honest, the plot seemed extremely reminiscent of another book, The Rough Mating of a Vampire… just expanded a bit to show the side of the submissive/'prize.'

The second 'story' is an excerpt of 'My Wicked Gladiators,' which seemed more promising. It features Alba, an unhappy wife/domina of Lucius, a dominus. She breaks the 'law' of that time period by having oral sex with Marcus, one of the Gladiators. Sadly, it ends in a cliffhanger, even though I knew it was an excerpt, and I can't justify spending the money for the book.

Personally, the actual 'book' just didn't do anything for me. I found more enjoyment from the excerpt than the actual book/story.
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Not entirely sure I honestly would.

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