Wednesday, October 29, 2014

REVIEW -- Personal Assistant: Sexy Gigs #1

Personal Assistant: Sexy Gigs #1

Best-selling author introduces The One Night Read Collection. Written to provide a little bedtime stimulation that you can enjoy all at once.

For the voyeurs and exhibitionists....

In Personal Assistant: Sexy Gigs #1, Tiffany accepts a job as a personal assistant to a wealthy business man only to learn that he is a nudist. Since she is living in his backyard cottage, that creates some inevitable distractions to her work day.

Warning: Contains explicit sexual descriptions.

A little predictable, but hot nonetheless. Lots of self-love scenes and voyeurism, one of which leads to the penultimate sex scene.

Liked the writing, but not enough to read other books in the series.

Great for a quick read right before bed.
STARS: 2/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: I'm on the fence about that.

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