Thursday, January 15, 2015

REVIEW -- Self Publishing: For Beginners

Self Publishing: For Beginners

Inside you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know in order to create, publish, and market your own ebooks today! You can start implementing these techniques right away, and in turn, start making your own passive income IMMEDIATELY!

Learn how I generated my very own FIVE FIGURE income in a matter of a few months, and how I become financially free in the the same year!

This book is geared to take a beginner from first step, to the finish line! That doesn't mean that more experienced self publishers won't learn anything, as this book is packed full with life changing information. However they probably won't learn as much as someone who is just starting out!

Needless to say I have truly gone all out for this book! I have laid out all my best tips, tricks, and techniques that have allowed ME to be successful, and I just know they will work for YOU as well!

Inside You'll Discover...
• How to create an ebook from scratch!
• How to outsource your ebooks if you DON'T want to write them yourself!
• Keys to providing VALUE and maximizing your profits LONG-TERM!
• How to create captivating covers, and tantalizing titles!
• How to OPTIMIZE all the aspects of your book for keyword rankings!
• How to get on BESTSELLER lists, and how this can boost your sales!
• How to market your book like a professional, in order to maximize PROFITS!
Plus much, much more!
Some things Mr. Falls went over are quite repetitive if you've ever self-published a book through Amazon. I found myself skimming the material more than actually reading it.

I'll be honest, This is the 2nd book I've read by Mr. Falls and I've felt 'talked down to' in both books. Most people are not as illiterate as Mr. Falls portrays them to be when it comes to these types of things. A simple glance at the Help pages of the websites he discusses in the books I've read will help you just as much and for a lower cost: FREE.

I am interested in the free bonuses that he offers, but beware; entering your email to gain access to the free bonuses signs you up for his mailing list.

You can pick up your own copy from Amazon for $0.99.

Good for absolute beginners, not so much for those who want to get better.
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Only if you've never self-published before.

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