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REVIEW -- A Baby for My Military Stepbrother 2

A Baby for My Military Stepbrother 2

“You better be careful, or I'll have to rip that dress right off of you,” he growled...

Wet with rain and full of adrenaline, I had finally submitted to the forbidden urges my military stepbrother made me feel.

Ian had rescued me yet again, and because of it, our relationship would never be the same. In addition to showing me just how he felt about me, he had been my first. My virginity belonged to him. Only he didn't know that and I didn't know how to tell him.

Our parents wouldn't be home for another two days. Two days for us to get these taboo feelings out of our systems. Except, every time he touched me, my feelings for him grew. That was definitely a problem, because he was leaving for Afghanistan in a month.

Ian hadn't wanted to be my first, and when I let it slip by accident, his conscience forced him to push me away.

He was the most honorable man I had ever met and I would do anything, take any risk, to keep him in my life. Especially if I could give him the one thing he had always wanted... A baby
I wasn't too happy to realize this ended in a cliffhanger. In typical couple fashion, Hayley and Ian get into a fight after she tells him that he took her virignity. Hoping for a repeat performance of the 'heroic' rescue that took place in book 1, Hayley hightails it to the same trail Ian rescued her from before. This time, instead of a dead car, a tree falls over the 'road' and Hayley is stranded. This is where Ms. Zara ends the book.

The cliifhanger ending doesn't change the fact that it was a good book and the sex was extremely hot. I'm just disappointed that I can't finish the series right now.

This is available from Amazon for $0.99.

Still very hot, Still very steamy. Just saddened that it was a cliffhanger ending. Looking forward to reading more of this series and other works by Ms. Zara.
STARS: 4/5

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