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REVIEW -- COWBOY EROTICA: Her Outlaw Desires

COWBOY EROTICA: Her Outlaw Desires

A young and attractive school teacher named Katie Valentine avoids certain death and danger one day while riding on her stagecoach. 
Saved in heroic fashion by a mysterious gun wielding outlaw cowboy, she quickly falls for the man she always desired in her dreams.

Her new prince charming on a horse would flip her once normal life upside down while on a passionate journey of revenge and lust.

From innocent school teacher to falling for a hot mysterious outlaw Katie would let her inner wild-side out in an epic story of gun battles and menage action.

Its gonna be one wild ride!

WARNING...This is a HOT and SEXY Menage that is meant for an audience over the age of 18...
Oh, where do I begin? First off, big breasts does not constitute BBW. If all your heroine has are big breasts, please do not classify the book as a BBW book.

Secondly, the story was inconsistent and made little sense at times. Katie is a teacher who goes rogue and becomes an outlaw after one time sleeping with Buck and Shanna. Okay... maybe the sex was that good. But it goes from men not looking past Katie's breasts to the fact that she was having sex with Roscoe. If she was sleeping with Roscoe, why would she be depressed that men didn't look at her?

And while we're on the topic of Roscoe, how did he go from certain death to being the 'executioner' on the platform? How did he escape the collapsed fiery barn? Why didn't he find Buck and the girls sooner? None of this made sense to me.

I wouldn't really call Buck an outlaw, since the closest thing to breaking the law the he did was taking the money from dead people and shooting people that were threats. If he was a true outlaw, Katie would have at least been held for ransom, not happily dropped off at her father's farm.

I'm usually not a grammar stickler, but there were numerous run-on sentences and missing punctuation. I found myself reading some sentences a few times, just to understand them.

The sex was bland, but I am accustomed to gritty and explicit erotica. This did nothing for me.

I also felt the ending was rushed. Katie goes from being on the Old West's equivalent of Death Row to escaping unscathed with 3 other people and they are never caught?!? I'm all for fantasy and fiction, but that was too far-fetched.

I don't see myself reading any more by this author.

This book is available from Amazon for $3.27.

The plot was good, but too many inconsistencies and errors to make it fully enjoyable.
STARS: 2/5

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