Thursday, May 7, 2015

REVIEW -- A Baby for Our Babysitter 3

A Baby for Our Babysitter 3

"Are you sure this is what you want, Lucy?"

When Lucy went back to college, my husband and I thought it was the last we’d see of our beautiful young babysitter. Only two months later, though, a letter from her arrived in the mail… a letter begging us for something we aren’t sure we can give her.

Lucy still fantasizes about the time she spent with us, about the nights of pleasure my husband Andy and I gave her together. Who knew that our babysitter was so delightfully dirty behind her innocent young fa├žade?

She wants another taste of those long, hot nights. She wants even more of the devious delights we opened her eyes to over the last several months. Most of all, though… she wants a baby.

We’re hiring her again this summer, but Andy and I already know we can’t resist her charms any more than she can resist us. Can we do this? Can we give our darling babysitter the one thing she truly wants?
Nice little hot story. A turn of the tables as it's the babysitter who initiates the play. Sex scenes were right on par with how I like to read them.

Only reason I'm giving this book 4 stars is it seemed like 25% of the book were excerpts from other books.

This book is available on Amazon for $0.99.

A really hot read and would totally recommend it!
STARS: 4/5

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