Saturday, June 20, 2015

REVIEW -- Cade's Property Book 1

Cade's Property - Book 1

I blushed thinking about the man in his conservative suit, watching me from the audience, while I stood in my trampy little costume balancing on spiky f*ck-me heels.

"Twenty thousand," came the response in the time it took my pulse to skip a beat. I was feeling a little giddy. I wanted to pull the blindfold off to get my bearings. What would be expected of me for that price?

Introducing Book One of the sexy new series, Cade's Property.

Six times a year, I become Diamond and I'm auctioned off to the highest bidder.

For a single evening, I become the plaything of the winner. But my latest client isn't satisfied with one night.
Good start to the story, just upset that it ended in a cliffhanger. This book is easy to hook the reader in and leave them begging for more.

Looking forward to finding a way to purchase the rest of the series, as I really need to know what happens between Rafferty and Remi.

Only reason I gave it four stars IS that fact that it's a cliffhanger.This is available from Amazon for $PRICE.

Hooks you quick and leaves you wanting more
STARS: 4/5

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