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REVIEW -- Penetrated on Ponetown

Penetrated on Ponetown

On a mission to bring the love of literacy to impoverished rural children, Clover Willoughby finds herself stranded on a dry, dusty West Virginia back road. Out of gas, out of service, and out of patience, she starts walking. When she stumbles across a quaint cabin in the woods, she's relieved at her good fortune. Her relief turns to trepidation—and anticipation—when the rough, crude mountain man living there offers to assist her . . . for a price. And he's not interested in money.

This is the first novella in a planned series. It is NOT a full length book.

(Disclaimer: this novella contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, ménage situations, sex with strangers, and taboo elements that some might find offensive.)

This was my first time reading any work by Ms. Darling. She approached me on Goodreads, and I said yes.

In this novelette, Clover Willoughby gets stranded in the middle of nowhere when her car runs out of gas. She starts walking, hoping to find someone she can buy some from. Instead, she meets Jim, who doesn't want cash... he wants sex. Lots of sex. For himself and his son, Eustace. One week of sex and Clover can have some gas. Desperate, Clover agrees.

Over the course of what seems like 3 days, Clover and Eustace fall for each other, and Clover even develops a soft spot for Jim. Despite needing to go to another family's house, she decides to stay with Jim and Eustace, pretty much becoming their willing sex slave.

The writing was good. I like Ms. Darling's style. She's very descriptive in her work. However, I'm not really a huge fan of the 'sex for the sake of sex' books. I like the books I read to have a concrete plot behind them. The plot this book had was a bit dangerous, to be completely honest. I know the setting didn't allow for the use of them, but the absence of condoms was unsettling.

That being said, I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Darling soon.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this book.

This is available from Amazon for $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Very hot book, but the 'sex for the sake of sex' disappointed me a bit.
STARS: 4/5

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