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EXCERPT -- Fisher of Men

Author: Phoebe Alexander
Publisher: Mountains Wanted Publishing
383 pages, 105K words
Released 6-5-14
Genre: erotic romance


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Leah Miller's eyes are opened to a whole new world by Chris Sheldon, a
charter fishing captain in Ocean City, Maryland. Despite her best
efforts not to fall for Cap, his charm and rugged good looks are too
hard to resist. But what happens when his lifestyle conflicts with her
faith? Is there any way he'd give up the lifestyle he loves for the
woman who has stolen his heart?


“I had forgotten all about the message to be honest. I only read it briefly on my way here. And, actually, Leah,” he said, his voice deep and creased with seriousness, “I would love an opportunity to sit down with you and explain all of that stuff.”

“All what stuff?” Leah played innocent. She wanted to know if he'd drop the S word again so freely, especially now that he was sober.

He cleared his throat and lowered his voice to about half-volume, “You know, the swinging stuff. I think we should talk about it.” His expression was hopeful but his tone betrayed his suspicion that she would not agree to his request.

She decided to hold him in suspense a little while longer. “That dating site is...wow!” she changed the subject. “I knew there was a dearth of eligible bachelors in the area, but I had no idea the pickings were really that slim!” She erupted with a crystalline laugh,
the kind of melodic sound she'd wanted to make the last time she'd seen him. I'm not sure where this confidence is coming from, she suddenly thought, looking into his captivated eyes. Aimee said I didn't know how to talk to men but I'm pretty sure I'm proving her

“I see,” he replied neutrally. He ran his fingers through his blonde-streaked hair which appeared perpetually wind-tousled. He was wearing faded jeans, thick work boots and a flannel jacket with the sleeves rolled up to show his strong, well-defined forearms. She drank in the image of him and suddenly realized that his rugged good looks were more representative of the men back in Wahoo, Nebraska, than any she regularly encountered during her college years or time in her career. She never thought she'd be the kind of girl who went for the ├╝ber-masculine type but she undeniably felt something within her body tingling as she basked in his presence. At 5'9” she was a tall woman and although she had an average build, she was far from skinny. She'd always dated slim men around the same height as her. Looking up from her desk at Cap with his hulking, 6'2” frame, she began to imagine how soft and small and feminine she might feel in his arms.

She helplessly stared, unable to divert her gaze, all the while wondering what he thought when he looked at her. Is he seeing some innocent young thing he wants to bed out of curiosity, out of novelty? Or does he see me as a smart, attractive woman who is mature beyond her years, someone he's intrigued by and wants to get to know on multiple levels? I really have no interest in fulfilling his curiosity if his motive is the former. She felt her body stiffen with resolve. She sat up straight in her chair and leaned toward him with her elbows on her desk: “So, I guess I should take you up on that offer for coffee, then?”

His eyes had not wavered from hers; they still had missile lock on her thickly-lashed green orbs. “Coffee,” he said emphatically, one dimple peeping through his beard, “no.”

She shook her head, confused by what had just happened. Did he just say no to me? Is it retribution for me declining his invitation before? What the heck? She cycled through a hundred questions in the split second it took him to explain: “Not coffee. I'm thinking dinner. Come to dinner with me,” he implored.

Her lips spread into a smile, the breadth of which she could not seem to control. “Dinner? Sure, okay, I can do that.”

“Tonight?” Cap pressed.

He is so darn persuasive with those dimples and sincere-looking blue eyes, she thought. God help me. “Okay,” she agreed, against her better judgment.

“I'll pick you up. Seven o'clock.” It was a statement, not a question.

“You can pick me up at seven here, yes,” she confirmed.

His cool assertiveness forcibly gave way to a huge grin, the reaction beyond his control. His face was awash with victory as a single word passed through his parted lips: “Perfect.”

~Copyright 2014 Phoebe Alexander All Rights Reserved


Washington DC-based author Phoebe Alexander has written erotica since
around the time she discovered sex. In junior high and high school,
her friends frequently implored her to write erotic stories featuring
them with their crushes. Shortly after moving to the DC area seven
years ago, she experienced the second coming of age in which she
embraced her sexuality and began to blog on an adult site about her
adventures in swinging and polyamory. Her blogging success coupled
with encouragement from her husband gave birth to the Mountains

Phoebe's novels feature compelling plots intertwined with passionate,
fiery encounters. She believes that real, relatable characters can
have even steamier sex than billionaires, rock stars, and the young
and lithe-bodied. She also advocates for ethical non-monogamy and
sex-positive attitudes through her writing.

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