Sunday, May 8, 2016

REVIEW - Coloring Books for Grownups: Inspired: Modern Art Designs

Coloring Books for Grownups: Inspired: Modern Art Designs

Introducing the engaging new series, Coloring Books for Grownups, a collection of coloring books for grownups who want to channel their inner artist.

Lose yourself in illustrator Cleonique Hilsaca’s imaginative collection of 50 never-seen-before designs in Inspired: Modern Art Designs―featuring illustrations inspired by four popular art movements. Get set for a creative and calming journey through Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, and Constructivism in this first installment of Coloring Books for Grownups.

Rediscover each art movement in the introduction, which highlights significant works and representative designs. Then move onto the fun stuff: pages of beautiful designs to inspire your imagination, reduce stress, and restore calm.

Inside you’ll find:
• 50 original, alluring designs inspired by 4 highly-charged visual styles
• Ready-to-color designs ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours to meet your timeframe
• Convenient one-sided pages suitable for framing
• Useful tips to guide you, from choosing materials to engaging your creativity

Coloring Books For Grownups proves that coloring is not just for kids.
While I like to color, because it's relaxing and kind of therapeutic for me, this is WAY too intricate for someone with motor disabilities. The designs on the cover are misleading.

The lines are too close together for someone that has shaky hands to color. The only design I knew I would be able to color with minimal effort was the snowflake. All the other designs would be too hard for me to color neatly.

If you have trouble with shaky hands, I'd look for a book with more 'open' designs.

This is available from Amazon for $9.99.

Nice designs, but not the best for disabled people.
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Not if you're disabled.

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