Sunday, May 8, 2016

REVIEW - The Curvy Girl's Rock Star Wish Book 1

The Curvy Girl's Rock Star Wish
Book 1

Part 1 of The Curvy Girl's Rock Star Wish: A BBW BWWM Interracial Romance. After Karen Marie Mason spots a shooting star one night, her destiny begins to change about her long lost love.

Series Description: Could a shooting star bring a curvy girl her wish, in time for Christmas?

Plus sized accountant, Karen Marie Mason, only loved one man on Earth…Jonathan Taylor Meadows. He was her first romantic crush, all the way back from elementary school. They had grown up together, in the same close knit neighborhood. As children, they were the best of friends. Even though Karen was black and Jonathan was white, they had still been practically inseparable. But their innocent, color-blind puppy love hadn’t lasted, not the way that Karen had hoped it would. Jonathan had eventually lost interest in Karen, and after their relationship fizzled, Karen had never gotten over him.

Now that Jonathan was known as Jonny Meadows, a rich and famous rock star, Karen missed Jonathan even more than she had before. She was dying to see Jon again, someday. Yet, Karen didn’t know how that reunion would be possible. And, there didn’t seem to be any way that Karen could receive her deepest Christmas wish…for her and Jonny Meadows to somehow end up as a life-long, loving couple. Karen needed a Christmas miracle, for her wishes to ever come true. But, would that special magical miracle ever happen, to bring Karen and her handsome rock star crush back together?
I am usually all about the rock star books, but this book just completely angered me. It's more a chapter than a book. While I 'bought' it for free, and I'm not out any money, had I known it would have had such a cliffhanger ending, I probably would not have downloaded it.

The writing seemed forced and didn't flow well. I understand wanting to be descriptive to give the reader the best possible setting in the mind's eye, but 75% of this 'book' was nothing more than a description of the heroine missing the rock star. It was also inconsistent, as the book opens with Karen looking out her apartment window at night, to logging off her workstation and going downstairs for lunch.

I don't see myself purchasing/reading any more of this series, unless the others are also free

This is available from Amazon for FREE.

Wouldn't even call this a book... more of a chapter IN a book.
STARS: 2/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Probably not.

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