Sunday, May 8, 2016

REVIEW - Licked by a Vampire

Licked by a Vampire

Licked by a Vampire: A Hot Lesbian Romance 
A shy poet, Imogen has always been bullied at her all-girl’s private school, St. Nocturne. She’s learned to adapt and ignore the torments of the Golden Girls as much as possible, and in fact, she feels a secret thrill whenever they’re near. If the Golden Girls knew her secret, however, Imogen’s life would be ruined. They could never know that she madly, passionately loved one of them.

In the Golden Girls’ latest attempt to ruin Imogen’s happiness, they take over the break room used by Imogen’s poetry club. Desperate to find a new meeting place, Imogen visits a local coffee house, the Red Red Rose run by Vampires. In the arms of the Rose’s mysterious owner, Cerise, Imogen might be able to find the courage and acceptance she really needs. But what, in the end, will Cerise’s love cost her?
This gave the vibe of Mean Girls meets Interview with A Vampire, but yet, had a very dreamlike feel to it. I kept waiting for a scene with Imogen waking up from a dream.

The mixed vibes from Cassandra were annoying. Either fess up to what you feel or don't even start playing like that.

The sex scenes were lacking and felt rushed. What content the scenes DID have were just enough to slip the book into the 'Erotica' genre.

The writing wasn't bad, but the plot seemed to fall flat. I can't be 100% positive I'll be reading any more work by Ms. Myers again.

This is available from Amazon for $0.99.

Okay for a quick read, but nothing extremely memorable.
STARS: 3/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Probably not.

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