Tuesday, June 14, 2016

REVIEW -- Secret Sunshine

Secret Sunshine
A Taboo Short

So forbidden, so bad, and if I did anything, if anything happened — she'd want to kill us.
My feelings about Mr. Callahan confused and excited me. I didn’t expect to see him again. Now, he was close enough to touch.
He was a buff billionaire who married the one person I shouldn’t ever compete with for a man. He was off-limits. And I was 19, still holding my V-card.

Maybe if I wasn’t so mad at Jenny, and he wasn’t so muscular and appreciative — and if he didn’t flirt with me — I could stop thinking such nasty thoughts about him.

But from the first time our bodies touched, I started to burn.

Please Note: This standalone short story is erotica, not romance. To be clear, this is a dirty book. Secret Sunshine — A Taboo Short is rated Mature 18+ for sexual content, language and adult themes. All characters are unrelated consenting adults. Contents may be triggering for some readers.
A bit cliche... teenager holding on to her virginity gives it to her ex-stepfather, then agrees to be with him. You kind of knew where this was going when oh-so-conveniently her ex-stepfather just happened to be living next door to the BFF.

The sex scenes were hot, but that's the only saving grace of this book.

What ticked me off the most is that 42% of this book is excerpts and previews for other books! Was it really necessary to have that much of the book be filler?

Overall, it was a good book, just disappointed with how short it was.

This is available from Amazon for $2.99.

Good book, even if it was a bit cliche.
STARS: 4/5

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