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REVIEW -- Windows 10 Guides

Windows 10 Guides

I personally use a Chromebook as my computer. For what I do online, it's PERFECT. I personally don't feel 'restricted' on what I can do; I just have to look for alternatives.

I do have access to a Windows 10 laptop (a Dell Inspiron 15 5558, to be precise), but I don't really like to use it, since I have been burned MANY times by other Windows OSes.

I bought these (for free at the time) when Mama Melissa ordered her Alienware system and told me she would be giving me the Dell Inspiron. I read these a short while later.

Windows 10:
The Best Guide How to Operate New Microsoft Windows 10

In this book we will introduce you to the new Windows 10 Operating System. We will show you not only how to install it on your machine, but also what to do with it once you have it installed. We cover maintenance instructions as well as healthy upkeep of your system and we will show you some tricks to get the most out of this very popular system and we’ll even teach you how to get to know the virtual assistant Cortana better, as well as the best ways to have fun with Windows 10!
If you aren’t sure yet, about whether to get Windows 10 or not, let us try to convince you. Windows 10 is an unmitigated improvement over previous versions. The last Windows version that was this popular and well-liked, was Windows XP. And while that can still be used, with the fact that it is no longer supported or being updated, it has become very unsafe.
Windows Vista lacked in usability and user-friendliness, Windows 7 was alright but never a user-favourite. Windows 8 and 8.1. had many more flaws, primarily the lack of start menu. Windows 10 tries to address all of these issues, and it does so pretty successfully. In our book, we will show you just what makes Windows 10 great for you.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
-The return of the start menu
-The easy installation
-The great customisation features
-Multiple virtual desktops
-Ways to have fun with Windows 10!

At the end of this book we guarantee you’ll be well-versed in the basics of Windows greatest OS yet. You’ll be able to install the system, set it up, and maintain it. We’ll guide you through the hardest part of updating to a new Operating System, the getting accustomed to it. 
Windows 10 can be outright scary for those who haven't upgraded since the XP days. This book makes the transition a little less frightening.

However, anyone who has used Windows 10 over a week or so may find the book to be too simplistic and may feel 'dumbed down' when reading it.

This would be the perfect book for someone to read either while waiting for their current system to upgrade or while waiting for a new Windows 10 system to be shipped.

This is available from Amazon for $2.99.

Perfect book for beginners.
STARS: 4/5

Windows 10: Windows 10 User Guide

The Windows 10 is truly a marvel of technology.

If you are curious about Windows 10, or just downloaded and feel a bit lost, this is the best resource for you!
In this book, you will learn about ….
•The new features in Windows 10, including system requirements
•Become familiar with the new Start Menu and learn how to customize it to meet your needs
•Learn about Cortana, the artificially intelligent virtual assistant, and become familiar with what she can do
•Get a close look at the new Edge browser with its Reading view and Web Note capability
•See how the Action Center has been improved and how it can help you
•Learn about the new Phone Companion app that helps connect your system with a Windows, Android, or iPhone
•Navigate the Windows Settings
•Become informed on privacy concerns about Windows 10 and learn what settings to adjust to maximize your sense of privacy
•See first-hand the new applications, as well as the redesigned applications, that Windows 10 is providing – like Groove Music, TV & Movies, and Xbox
•Learn about Windows Defender, and where to go to adjust its settings
The title is a bit misleading. While I wasn't expecting it to be a 'For Dummies' book by any means, I would have liked more in depth descriptions of the features of Windows 10, not just the bare bone explanations send nothing more.

Good for those who have never used Windows 10, but anyone who has used the OS over 48 hours will find the book too simplistic. This would be another perfect book for someone to read either while waiting for their current system to upgrade or while waiting for a new Windows 10 system to be shipped.

This is available from Amazon for $2.99.

Very basic things. Googling Windows 10 tutorials would yield better results
STARS: 2/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Probably not.

Windows 10:
A Simple Guide to Help You Get the Most out of Your Windows 10 Operating System

Are you hesitating to make the switch to the new Windows 10 operating system?
Would you like to drastically improve your computer’s performance and help you get more done with less time by making the switch to the Windows 10 Operating System?
Would you like to know how the Windows 10 operating system can fulfill all needs?

When it comes to technology, it is vital for any company to keep up; no matter how small or big. It is pretty useless for a big company to supply redundant technology to the masses, as their popularity is sure to plummet.

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10, which is now being dubbed as the best operating system that the company has ever put out. Both critics and users can’t stop raving about it and consider it the best operating system to work with, regardless of your professional or personal requirements.

In This Book, You Will Learn…
~How Windows 10 Can Become a Gamechanger in Your Computer’s Performance
~How Harness the Power of Cortana
~How to Make a Seamless Transition from Your Current Operating System into Windows 10
And much, much more!
This is another 'bare bones' guide for Windows 10. It goes into a bit more detail than the others I have read, but it is still very simplistic. You'd be better off picking up a 'Windows 10 for Dummies' title and calling it done.

This is available from Amazon for $4.99.

Very simplistic.
STARS: 2/5
WOULD RECOMMEND: Probably not.

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