Monday, February 20, 2017


Title: Time’s Up!
Author: Vicki Green
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2017


What happens when your wealthy, pretentious Italian parents create a contract for you when you turned twenty-one and now a few years later you realize you only have nine months left to fulfill it.

The terms:
Must be married and pregnant by the age of twenty-five. 

The catch:
It has to be true love.

All stipulated in the contract. 

The problem:
Rica has no boyfriend.
She’s not easy.
She’ll be twenty-five in nine months. 

What’s NOT in the contract:
Her parents forgot to mention he must be Italian.

Well, at least there’s a little hope. Very little hope.

**This story is intended for 18+ readers.

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Your Stud:  See you tomorrow morning at 8! You miss me. I know.

What in the ever lovin’ hell? He must have taken my phone and put his number in my contacts. Your Stud? I’m in so much trouble. On the other hand, it is kinda cute. Still, he’s so freakin’ arrogant. I hit reply and type quickly.

Me:  Geez. I can hardly wait. Hear the sarcasm? And no. I don’t really miss you.

Author Bio

Best selling Author of Romance and Romance Suspense, Vicki lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their 3 dogs that rule their house. She loves spending time with her family and furbabies as well as reading.

Look for more exciting romance adventures in the future.

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